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Lawn Mowing Fairhope Alabama Baldwin County ALDo you need a lawn care in Baldwin County AL? Let us handle all of your lawn mowing and lawn maintenance needs servicing both commercial and residential grass cutting. We also provide lawn edging, tree trimming, laying sod, mulch, fertilizing, grass seed, power washing, bush hogging, tractor work, and much more.

We take great pride in our lawn maintenance services. Whether you need 30 acres of lawn mowing or just a small city plot trimmed, we offer competitive prices, talent and 17 years of lawn care experience.

When you need a professional team to mow your lawn, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We make mowing the lawn a breeze – and we provide high-grade products like Rain Bird sprinklers and Lesco fertilizers as well. The next time you need a lawn mowing service, contact TerraScapes in Baldwin County AL!


Lawn Mowing

TerraScapes provides the best in lawn care and lawn service. We don’t just cut grass. We provide our customers with a lawn maintenance service. We take great pride in ensuring that your lawn mowing is not only cut to the proper length, but we can also treat your lawn with the correct lawn fertilizer to promote healthy lawn growth. We also treat lawns with the safe and effective pesticides to keep the bugs away. Whether it’s a small city plot or 30 acres, TerraScapes can get the job done.

Lawn Edging

Do you have flower beds, grass plots, tree bases, driveways or walkways that need edging? TerraScapes provides all types of landscape edging, garden edging and lawn edging. We can clean up your residential and commercial landscaping with edging that will define the appearance of your natural landscape. We have the experience and proper tools to provide you with the best edging for a finished look.

Grass Sod Installation

Did you just build a new home, put fill in your yard or just have a stubborn yard area that will not grow grass? There is no need to wait for the grass to fill in when grass sod is installed. TerraScapes can lay grass sod on your property that will look like a full and beautiful lawn. TerraScapes will also give you advice on how to take care of your new lawn and provide you with the proper watering schedule.


Is it time to refresh or add to the mulch on your property? If you mulch is sparse or faded, then it’s time to call TerraScapes. We can revive your landscaping, flower beds and tree bases with a fresh addition of mulch. Mulch not only beautifies your landscaping, but it also protects your plants by keeping the topsoil moist. There are many different types of mulch from cypress mulch to bark mulch to rubber mulch and it also comes in many different colors. When it’s time to mulch, call TerraScapes.

Tree Trimming

At some point, all properties with trees will need tree trimming. If you keep your trees trimmed on a regular basis, the trees will be healthier and maintain a better shape. Trimmed trees will also prevent safety hazards and storm damage from falling limbs. TerraScapes can assist you with expert tree service to keep your trees looking their best all year long. We can also inform you about the best time of year to trim your trees or plant new trees.

Bush Hogging

If you own land that has very tall grass or is uneven and has stumps, you may need a bush hogging or bush mowing service. TerraScapes can handle all of your grass mowing that is too tall to cut with a lawn mower. We have many years of experience in land clearing and lot clearing. Our rotary blade bush hog machines can get through the thickest overgrowth and provide you with fully cleared property.

Tractor Work

Do you have uneven land or land that needs land grading or tractor work? TerraScapes has expert tractor men that can prepare your land for a new home or provide site preparation for other projects. We can clear land, grade and even out low areas with dirt fill and put down new gravel for a driveway or road on your property. TerraScapes will survey your grading needs and give you a fair and complete estimate.

Power Washing

If your home is in need of outside cleaning, it may be time to power wash. TerraScapes can bring back the shine to your home and remove the dirt, mildew and stains from your deck, driveway and sidewalks. Power washing is a great way to extend the life and look of your home’s paint job and our experts take special care to not remove the existing paint. It’s also necessary to remove the dirt and grime from your structures before you start to repaint. Bring back the “clean” with TerraScapes power washing service.